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Gray Pearl Farm Designs

Bronzite Blues

Bronzite Blues

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Experience the stunning blend of 12mm Faceted Aqua Agate, Bronzite, Tea Watermelon Quartz, and Faceted Tigers Eye Accent Beads in this exquisite bracelet stack.


Embrace the exquisite beauty of the Bronzite Blues stacked bracelet trio featuring a magnificent Blue Agate Nugget stone.

Fits ladies wrist size 6.5"-7.5"

Aqua Agate enhances feelings of security and self-assurance, promotes grounding, emotional stability, and fosters acceptance.


Bronzite is known to have grounding properties and can enhance mental clarity and decisiveness. It has long been referred to as the "stone of courtesy" due to its ability to promote politeness and tact.

Quartz is a gemstone associated with balance, clarity, and energy. Studies have shown that it can have positive effects on overall health and spiritual well-being, making it a valuable addition to your daily routine.

Tigers Eye promotes inner strength, balance, and the harmonious integration of opposing forces. It fosters a deeper connection to the Earth and fosters a greater sense of unity and purpose.



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